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JV Brokering Mastery teaches my simple, time tested and proven unbreakable 10 Step System for how to start your own profitable business from scratch brokering, setting up and managing JV Deals and getting handsomely paid to do so. Now you can get paid for introducing this great product to your audience. JV Brokering Mastery converts between 4 - 7% and the newest sales copy has been specifically crafted to suck in the MMO (make money online) crowd, entrepreneurs, business opportunity seekers as well as internet marketers.

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Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Become an Affiliate of JV Brokering Mastery

  • Great Conversion Rates Our front end converts between 4 and 7% and we are never satisfied and always in the lab testing, tweaking and trying to improve which means we will be working our butts off to convert your hard earned traffic!

  • Earn up to $83.40 Per Sale Our Front end product sells for $47.00 & you earn 70% commissions. You also earn 50% commissions on all Upsells. Finally, you can earn a monthly recurring revenue of 35% on one of the Upsells.

  • Geotargeting on Sales Page Get paid for ALL your international traffic!

  • Followup Email Sequence Our copywriting team has written a killer email followup sequence that handles all your referrals objections and persuades them to buy if they didn't purchase on their first visit. Of course your Clickbank ID is included in every email making sure you get credit for every referral.

  • All Sales Tracked by JVZoo & Paid by Paypal This insures you never lose a commission. Contact us to ask about Instant Paypal Payouts.

  • Tons of Affiliate Promotional Tools Email autoresponder series, solo emails, sponsor/classified ads, PPC ads, banners and a lot more. Plus, if you need a specific promotion piece created, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to get you exactly what you need completely free.

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